TheGamingSponge TheGamingSponge 11 July 2017

Adventure Time pictures!

Wooo!! Adventure Time is awesome. And so are the pictures. That's all I want to say.

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Luckywolf14 Luckywolf14 19 November 2012

new rule yes or no

so since alot of this wiki is unorganized i suggest we make a new rule of not uploading pictures from a show like or

we should just delete this pics to make more room for real fan art

yes or no yes no

since no one obbject this will go forward for every page here except user profiles

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Magma Princess Magma Princess 1 November 2012

Play Across The Wikia

As an Admin I suggest that we take part in Play Across Wikia.

It's a thing were you can advertise an article and it will appear on the homepage of the Wikia site, there linked twitter and Facebook, and hub pages.

So I'm thinking about doing the Finn page, cause he's the main star of Adventure Time right?

The page may need some more organizing before we do that though...

Please post if you approve and some of your suggestions!

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Magma Princess Magma Princess 30 October 2012

Season 5

At the current time for me I have 13 days and 24 minutes until the Adventure Time season premiere.

So while I was looking for the voice actor for Marshal Lee I got really side tracked and found this:

Which really throws all my previos predictions out the window, but then allows room for even more possibilities.

So Huckleberry Finn isn't going to meet regular Finn I guess, but the chances of PB being his mom have also gone down.

What's with Ice King? Were is the magic of Ooo? Are there still hoomans? Was the Mushroom war the Lich's fault?

Don't forget to think about poor Lady Rainicorn, what's going to happen to Jake's puppies?

And what the freak about Fionna? I guess that episode has nothing to do with the season premeire.

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Luckywolf14 Luckywolf14 26 October 2012

marceline bann for a month

this describes how i feel after we didnt see marceline for a month and its the chetercter not the user i dont know her

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Rainbowdash29 Rainbowdash29 7 October 2012

Jealousy Gets Too Far

It's a beautiful day. Jake talks to Finn while he walks him towards Flame Princess' house. Flame Princess waits in front of her house, trying to build a front house picnic table. "Hey, FP! How are ya?" Finn says, getting off of Jake's back. Flame Princess walks over to Finn and claps. "Yayyy you're here! I've been waiting for you! You can start by gathering some of that wood over there". Flame Princess says, pointing to a pile of wood. Finn aimlessly walks over to the wood, and then grabs a few. Finn talks to Jake. "Jake! Come over here and help me out!" Jake walks to Finn, and grabs some wood. Then he stretches his arms over to the flaming wood, and repeats.

A few minutes later, Flame Princess, Finn, and Jake were finished with the picnic…

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27finnsprincess 27finnsprincess 3 October 2012

Different Categories

So, I was looking through the collection of pictures we have and I know this wiki is just getting up and running but there are two things that I wanted to touch upon.

1. cartegories of Pictures: The categories are just characters, I think we should add some other categories like specific groups or couples or even events...periods of time ex.

2. We have charcater categories for characters...but on the pages they have pictures with a group and the charcater we are trying to represent is small or stuck in the group. If we did have more than one person in the picture it should be centered around the character. This is another reason why I think we need better categories.

Just my suggestions :)

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Magma Princess Magma Princess 3 October 2012

Were to place pictures

I found these really cute Vocaloid/Adventure Time pictures but I don't know were to put them. (By that I mean which character/page)

Any suggestions?

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Luckywolf14 Luckywolf14 1 October 2012


attention everyone that can read this im looking for admins chat monders for this wiki and my other one wolves wolves wolves wiki anyone intresated contact me

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Magma Princess Magma Princess 28 September 2012

New to the blog

Hi, I'm new to the blog and I love adventure Time and drawing.

Only I really suck at drawing (I can only make a half decent Marceline).

So I'm wondering if I could post some pictures and then tie them together with words.

I won't do this until I get the okay because I'm not sure or not of it will look to much like a fanfiction instead of art.

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