The Earl of Lemongrab is the high-strung, stubborn ruler of the land of Lemongrab, and heir to the Candy Kingdom.

  • He was the first of Princess Bubblegum's experiments gone wrong.
  • The Earl of Lemongrab seems to be extremely far-sighted, needing a pair of very large reading glasses to read a note left by his bed.
  • He is made of lemon candy, rather than lemons.
  • Princess Bubblegum may have put some of her own candy matter into Lemongrab when she was making him.
  • Lemongrab is shorter than Princess Bubblegum (at her normal age).
  • A recent piece of artwork produced by lead character designer Andy Ristaino depicts Lemongrab as having light brown highlights in his eyes. This extra detail in Ristaino's piece could indicate that Lemongrab's eyes are very dark brown, rather than black.
  • Although Lemongrab has only appeared in one episode so far, he has been depicted on two t-shirt designs among a group of the show's more prominent characters.
  • At the end of "Too Young," Lemongrab is muttering to himself incomprehensibly, upset about being fired. In the Spanish version he says, "Nadie me quiere. Todo el mundo me odia," which translates to "No one wants/loves me. Everyone hates me."
  • In one scene of King Worm, Finn's face looks uncannily similar to Lemongrab's.