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  • Ghost Princess is one of Ice King's least favorite princesses because he can't hold her with his "love mitts", as stated in "Hitman."
  • Even though she possesses the power to pass through solid objects, she never attempts to leave the locked cell in the episode "Prisoners of Love" until Finn saves her and the other Princesses.
  • When interrogated by Finn, the ghost of the individual buried next to Ghost Princess's body states that "she's been here longer than almost everybody." Presumably, the battle during which Warrior Princess was killed happened long before.
  • The word "FEMALE" is inscribed on Ghost Princess' grave.
  • In the episode "Loyalty to the King" and "Prisoners of Love," Ghost Princess seems to have just a regular voice, but in the episode "Ghost Princess," she has an echoing "ghost" effect added to it.
  • Ghost Princess is the third princess to have a love interest: Princess Bubblegum was said to have dated Mr. Cream Puff, and Lumpy Space Princess had Brad. Ghost Princess is also the only princess to actually keep her love interest.
  • Ghost Princess' dress covers her whole body and has her face on it; the only other princess with the same style dress is Raggedy Princess. Another coincidental similarity is that both princesses are voiced by Maria Bamford. These two princesses also have voices that are more alike than the other characters Bamford voices, and are shy.
  • It is unknown if she will return in a future episode due to her transcending.
  • She makes a cameo appearance in the title card for "Princess Monster Wife."
  • Her phone seems to be 5 floating squares.