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  • In one room of the royal castle, there are two pictures of Lady Rainicorn on the wall: One of her upper half, and one of her lower half.
  • Two Rainicorns appeared in the Double Rainbow promo. It may be that they are both Lady Rainicorn somehow doubling herself using the light.
  • There are many episodes where Lady Rainicorn has cameos but not physical appearences: she shows up in photographs owned by Jake such as in "Rainy Day Daydream," "What is Life?," "Still," "The Eyes," "No One Can Hear You" and by Princess Bubblegum in "What Have You Done?," as well as graffiti art in the title card for "Heat Signature" and in Jake's mind in "Mortal Folly" and "Dad's Dungeon," among other cameos.
  • Her original name was "Lady the Rainicorn."
  • Unlike her parents, Lady Rainicorn chooses to not wear a Universal Translator to speak to people of Ooo. Generally, her words are known and translated by those who understand her, like Jake.
  • Even though Lady Rainicorn looks friendly, she is actually a tough fighter, as shown when she saved Finn from Lake Knights, and when she saved both Finn and Jake in "Lady & Peebles".
  • In the animated short, she spoke in a type of gurgling language instead of in Korean. It's guessed that the creators chose to give her a Korean accent to give her more appeal.
  • In "The Real You," Princess Bubblegum is seen in the beginning with a yellow t-shirt with a red Rainicorn on it. The Rainicorn may be Lady.
  • Lady Rainicorn has a gender-swapped version of herself: Lord Monochromicorn.
  • Her favorite drink is iced latte as shown in "Video Makers."
  • In "My Two Favorite People" Jake refers to her as "the rowdy queen".
  • In "Apple Thief" Jake cooks Finn traditional Korean food that Lady Rainicorn taught him to make.
  • In "From Bad to Worse" when Jake apologized to Lady Rainicorn for biting her, she responded, "I like it when you bite me," causing Jake to blush.
  • Despite being based on a rainbow, Lady Rainicorn's body does not display any orange, but in the animated short, she had orange on her body.
  • In "Burning Low ", Jake says she is 15 feet long.
  • In "Card Wars", it is revealed that Lady Rainicorn used to play Card Wars with Jake, and it made her mad that Jake always won the game.
  • In "Lady and Peebles" , it is comfirmed that Lady and Jake are pregnant with five "corndogs".
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