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  • Lord Monochromicorn neighs like a horse.
  • During his first appearance in the actual show when Cake greets him
    with "Hiya gorgeous!" he replies "Hey!" in Morse Code. In the original storyboard, near the very end of the episode when Fionna and Cake are talking about how much they love the Ice King, Lord Monochromicorn shows up and uses Morse Code to say "We Love You Ice King!"[2] However, in the completed episode, Lord Monochromicorn's second statement is gibberish, according to Adam Muto's formspring.[1]
  • When Lord Monochromicorn made his first appearance on screen, the sound of thunder could be heard in the background.
  • In the original storyboard, Lord Monochromicorn's horn is shaped like a lightning rod, his eyes are like Lady Rainicorn's, and he spoke English instead of using Morse Code.
  • Prince Gumball sometimes calls Lord Monochromicorn "Mo-Chro."
  • Lady Rainicorn has said that she flies by using light and "dancing" on it. However, Lord Monochromicorn is black, which would mean he would absorb light.
  • He and Lady both have small things to do with rain/weather. Lady resembles a rainbow, which happens after sunlight is refracted by rain, while Mo-Chro you hear thunder when he appears.
  • Lord Monochromicorn resembles a horse and a moonbow (a rainbow seen at night).
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