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  • He and Marceline both have regular electric bass guitars, as seen in the openings.
  • Rebecca Sugar said that she fought for Marshall Lee to have a few lines (such as "Whoa, Fionna! You're wearing a dress? That is cra-azy, son!), but they were cut for time. She wanted him to be voiced by Dante Basco.
  • Marshall Lee floats leaning backwards, back to the ground, and knees bent whereas Marceline floats, knee back, chin up, and leaning forwards.
  • Marshall Lee had 10-11 seconds on screen.
  • In an interview with Pendleton Ward at Comic-Con, he stated that the next genderbent episode would mostly focus on Marshall Lee.
  • Pen officially addressed Marshall Lee as "Marshall Lee the Vampire King."
  • Marshall had five fingers when he gave Fionna the "Rock On" sign, instead of four fingers like Marceline.
  • Some of the artwork depicts him in a gray plaid shirt, which looks similar to the one Marceline wore in the episode "Video Makers".
  • Unlike Marceline, he has eyebrows.
  • As Marceline was with the original main cast, Marshall Lee appears to be the skinniest of the main genderswapped cast.

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