Upload any fan art of Me-Mow, as long as its appropriate. Me-Mow is a tiny but dangerous cat from the Guild of Assassins who tried to take out Wildberry princess in

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order to be made a full member assassin.

  • Me-Mow is voiced by Kyla Rae Kowalewski, who voices Anais Watterson on The[1]Amazing world of Gumball, another Cartoon Network show.
  • When Me-Mow jumps onto the tree branch, she has her dagger in her hand. Just afterwards she coughs it out of her throat, implying she wasn't intended to have it out before.
  • In the original drawing, Me-Mow appears to be the same size as Jake. However, in the show, Me-Mow is about the size of Jake's nose.
  • Me-Mow didn't have a tail in the original drawing.
  • The fan who created Me-Mow is named Gunnar Gilmore.
  • Me-Mow was shown flying away on a bird and could return in a later episode for possible revenge.
  • Me-Mow keeps an antidote so she can poison others and make them kill for her, offering the antidote only if they do. However, when Jake is in this situation she says that she's going to betray him (while sleeping). Jake's hand is in his nose when she says this, but he doesn't react to the statement (though his hand did react when Me-Mow readied her claw).
  • As with most characters of unusual sizes, Me-Mow's size is inconsistent throughout the episode. Her size varies from being as big as Finn's hand to small enough to fit in Jake's nose with plenty of extra space.
  • Me-Mow is a wordplay for the sound that cats do (meow).
  • Me-Mow is foiled by luck due to something Jake put on his person earlier in the episode, like Stag. This happened back to back in the 15th and 16th episodes of season 3. In this case, the sausages Jake put in his ears so he wouldn't fall asleep to Finn's lullby ultimately got Me-Mow out of his nose. In this sense, both episodes are resolved due to a deus ex machina.
  • Me-Mow's mouth when she is in attack position resembles that of a leech.
  • Me-Mow appeared as a cameo in the Adventure time comic issuie 5, where she appears on Adventure Tim's chart. She is labeled as Lawfully Evil and her name was Mow-Me.
  • She is male in the Latin American dubbing.