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  • It is unknown if the Raggedy Princess has a kingdom to her own, but she may not considering her main position appears to be as Tree trunks' scarecrow as revealed in "Apple Thief."
  • In "Apple Thief," Raggedy Princess fell in the ditch by accident and was too embarrassed to admit it, so she lied and told her friends that "ne'er-do-wells" threw her in.
  • Raggedy Princess' dress covers her whole body and has her face on it; the only other princess with the same style dress is Ghost princess. Another coincidental similarity is that both princesses are voiced by Maria Bamford. These two princesses also have voices that are more alike than the other characters Bamford voices, and are shy.
  • Despite having no arms, she was revealed to be able to sew in the episode "Mortal Recoil."