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    .Susan received her name by Finn misinterpreting her attempt at saying the word "sun" twice as being "Susan."
        • The character was inspired by a character Pendleton Ward had in Blade Mistress, an old MMORPG in which all player characters were "buff women with huge swords."
        • Even though Susan is so strong she can crush a giant boulder, Natasha Allegri revealed that Muscle Princess is stronger.
        • She is voiced by Jackie Buscarino, who also voiced Flapjack's love interest, Sally Syrup, in The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.
        • After Susan is frightened by her shadow, she says something that sounds like "Ohmygodcuss!" as if saying "Oh my goodness!."
        • Despite the fact that her name is a misinterpretation of her pronouncing "sun" twice, she refers to herself as Susan now, as seen in "Beautopia."
        • After the airing of "Beautopia," Andy Ristaino stated that Susan Strong will most likely appear again in a future episode.
        • She described fire as "red flower" in "Beautopia." Mowgli and the other animals in "The Jungle Book" also refer to fire as "red flower".
        • Her eyes appear to be the color green when enlarged.
        • Strangely, her eyes can glow in the dark.