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  • Her telephone is shaped like a bunch of grapes.
  • The Wildberry Princess has her own line of berry juices, with her as the poster girl.
  • She makes a very short cameo in "The Enchiridion!" when Finn is saving Princess Bubblegum from falling.
  • Wildberry Princess is skilled at making meat pies out of the many animal carcasses she keeps in her palace. It appears that she could eat only meat to not hurt any fellow plant, making her a carnivore.
  • In "Jake vs. Me-Mow," it is revealed she can make her berries fall off, but then she states that it's a medical condition and that she needs a hospital. In this form, she resembles a cherry.
  • She is one of the princesses that Ice King finds to be his favorite as shown in "Princess Monster Wife."
  • She is often seen being kidnapped by Ice King, much more frequently than most of other princesses than Princess Bubblegum, for unknown reasons.
  • In "The Eyes," it is shown that Finn and Jake rescued her from the Ice King. However, it does not appear that she was unhappy or trying to escape even though she was in a wide open field to run away.
  • In "Hot to the Touch" Jake suggested that Finn date her and that he could "sleep on her like a pillow."
  • A small picture of Wildberry Princess also appears on the juice boxes that Finn and Jake find and drink in "Rainy Day Daydream."
  • She is later mentioned in the episode "Hot to the Touch." Jake describes her as "small and plump" and being perfect for Finn.
  • She is later seen again in "Five Short Graybles." She is one of the people in the crowd for the talent show and she gets hit by a basketball thrown Lumpy Space Princess.